Tears in the Grass

A Lambda Literary Award Finalist !

Tears in the Grass is a story of bold and courageous indigenous women, each in their own way, fighting personal demons and the racist attitudes of Canadian society in the late 1960s. While Elinor, a residential school survivor, has never given up her Plains Cree language and culture, her daughter, Louise, ran from the reserve as a teen and adopted white ways. Alice, who adores her grandmother, yearns to reclaim her aboriginal heritage.

Tears in the Grass will appeal to all who have lost children, their culture, their language, their land, and, tohose seeking to achieve a deeper understanding of such hardships.

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Novel Excerpt:

Wrinkled moccasins scraping over a painted plywood floor that rarely felt the scratch of a broom Elinor shuffled to the kitchen and banged the kettle on to the stove. A shiver, unfettered by flannel pyjamas and thick sweater, sped the length of her thin body. She loved autumn.  For the abundance of the harvest, and the raft of colours and tones that the earth’s plants brought forth. And she hated autumn. Autumn ushered in the cold and for that autumn could not be forgiven.

She dropped two tea bags into the brown crockery teapot and headed for her rocker.

The elderly chair was the only piece of furniture her mother had owned. Her mother had found the chair on the prairie, sprawled on its side, dusted in prairie silt and strewn with a spider’s webbing.  The spider, its abdomen bulging with white egg sac, was larger than any her mother had seen.

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