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The Vancouver Sun, March 26, 2016 

“Strong, independent, determined women power tale”

“Archer …tells the story of these women with grace and charm. The four women have varying degrees of connection to their culture and Archer conveys those nuances well.”

 Read the whole review here:    vancouver sun

The Ottawa Review of Books, March 2, 2016

From the review:  “The treatment of Elinor’s Native spirituality, though risky, adds a convincing dimension to the characters that makes this a story not just about a Native family, but of them. The author’s hand is light, though, and she resists being more aggressive and detailed in talking about the horrors of the boarding schools and the dispute over the development of a Native gravesite. She keeps her touch personal, not political, and thus the story stays more intimate and all the more forceful.”

Read the whole review here:  ottawa review of books

Chastity Davis, Sliammon First Nation, Powell River, BC and Chastity Davis Consulting

“Lynda’s detailed and enthralling story-telling ability will have you captured from the very first page of the book. Her insight into the raw emotions and journey of each of the women is profound and endearing. These are the stories of strong, educated, successful and compassionate modern-day Canadian aboriginal women. These stories are contrary to the dominant stories of how Aboriginal women are portrayed in mainstream media; broken, drug-addicted, and unfit mothers. Lynda’s story of Tears in the Grass gives voice to the very real alternate stories of Aboriginal women in Canada.”

Learn more about Chastity Davis here:  chastity davis

Neela Vaswani – Author:  You Have Given me a Country

“…Tears in the Grass has a powerful relationship with time–time flowing through three generations of women; time speaking through a museum buffalo; time racing against a long-separated mother and daughter; the timelessness of land and history. Archer’s bold prose, heartfelt characters, and imaginative plot weave a story of loss and redemption, trauma and healing, justice and remembrance. This lovely novel faces hard truths and ancient wounds, while illuminating corners of hope and solace. Read it and be uplifted.”

CBC Radio Regina, Saskatchewan Weekend Interview, March 19, 2016







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